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Cyberkinetosis in virtual reality, what is it?

Cyberkinetosis is a pathology similar to motion sickness, caused by overexposure to screens and technology in general. Originally caused by wearing virtual reality headsets, this pathology now extends to any prolonged exposure and isolation associated with screens, tablets, smartphones, video games, headsets and virtual stimulation technologies of all kinds.

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Patient using H'ability technology to try mirror therapy for upper limb rehabilitation

Mirror therapy reinvented in virtual reality

Mirror therapy promoted for more than 20 years
Invented in 1995 by Dr. V. Ramachandran, mirror therapy is a neuro-rehabilitation technique that allows the brain to be deceived visually with the help of a mirror at the level of an injured limb (amputated, paralyzed...).

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Functional rehabilitation through virtual reality

In full expansion for several years now, virtual reality (VR) is a technology that simulates the presence of a user in a digital environment. The user is immersed in an immersive experience where he can interact with the different elements around him. Over time, the medical world has been able to use this technology for therapeutic purposes.

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