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There are no medical contraindications according to our partner doctors. In the case of epileptic patients, do not prolong the exposure to virtual reality for more than 20 minutes and carry out the sessions under supervision.

After validating the project with all the stakeholders, we send you the virtual reality material and create your online accesses. On a date defined together, we organize a deployment day(which consists of connecting the equipment to the internet and checking that it works properly) and training for professionals. Of course, we accompany you at each step of the project!

Our training is carried out in two stages:

-A first theoretical part (1h)

-A second part of practical training (1h30) organized by pairs of professionals. It is possible to have several slots depending on the number of professionals to be trained. This avoids monopolizing all the staff for half a day or a whole day.

We will mainly discuss with the person appointed as the project referent (health executive, therapist, manager...) for the organization of the project implementation. An exchange will be planned beforehand with your DSI or any person in charge of the IT system in your structure.

We can offer you a subscription or a purchase. After a discussion with our team, we'll make you a costed proposal based on your needs.

Do you have any further questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, our team will be delighted to answer them.