Upper limb rehabilitation: H'ability at the forefront of innovation at the Colloque Approche 2023

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On June 15 and 16, the H'ability team had the honor of taking part in the 2023 edition of the Colloque Approche held in Berck-Sur-Mer.

Colloque Approche 2023: The must-attend event signed by the Association Approche and the Hopale Foundation.

A major event for innovation in rehabilitation, the symposium brings together experts in the field: healthcare professionals, practitioners and researchers come together to share the latest scientific, clinical and technological advances. The main aim of the event is to promote a global, innovative approach to the care of patients suffering from physical disabilities, neurological disorders and musculoskeletal pathologies. Topics covered at the colloquium include new technologies such as virtual reality, biofeedback and robotics, functional rehabilitation strategies and emerging therapies that open up new rehabilitation perspectives . The Colloque Approche is an opportunity to promote the adoption of these innovative tools in the practice of physiotherapy.

Who are the organizers of this event?

The Hopale Foundation is a renowned and innovative medical institution dedicated to improving patients' quality of life. It is renowned for its multidisciplinary expertise and comprehensive care, ranging from functional rehabilitation to social reintegration. This group of establishments includes the Centre Jacques Calvé, our partner with whom we work closely to improve H'ability's offer.

The Association Approche, also known as the Association Nationale pour la promotion des nouvelles technologies au service des personnes en situation de handicap (National Association for the Promotion of New Technologies for People with Disabilities), emphasizes the importance of technological advances in promoting the autonomy, social inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities.

H'ability at the Colloque Approche

This year's event highlighted the importance of innovation and technological advances in upper limb rehabilitation, providing the perfect opportunity for us to present our device. Thanks to this device, we can offer immersive, virtual environments that enable patients to undergo rehabilitation in a fun way. We also had the opportunity to meet professionals who are passionate about upper limb rehabilitation. We were able to share our knowledge and expertise in virtual reality applied to rehabilitation, have our solution tested and learn more about the specific needs of patients and cutting-edge technological advances in the field.

Rehabilitation of the upper limb is of crucial importance in the recovery of patients suffering from injuries or pathologies affecting this part of the body. The upper limb, which includes the arm, shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand, is essential for the performance of daily, professional and sporting activities. Rehabilitation aims to restore functionality, mobility and strength to this part of the body, enabling patients to regain their independence and quality of life.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partner, the Centre Jacques Calvé, for the exceptional organization of this event. We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to all the visitors who took part in this enriching event. We look forward to seeing you again at the end of 2023 for further events. Stay tuned for promising advances at H'ability, as we continue our commitment to bringing you innovative virtual reality solutions for rehabilitation!

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