Discover H'ability 2.0: A new era of precision

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H'ability presents the new version of its platform for optimized physiotherapy rehabilitation

The entire H'ability team is proud to unveil version 2.0 of its interface dedicated to rehabilitation. The fruit of close collaboration with our partners the Hopale Foundation's Centre Jacques Calvé, the CRRF COS Pasteur 2, the CHU d'Angers and the CRF les Capucins, H'ability 2.0 represents a significant advance in therapeutic practices and patient support

A redesigned library for easier sessions

Because we want to offer a platform that's accessible to all professionals, whether you're digital natives or not, H'ability is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. To save you time and simplify your day-to-day work as a therapist, we've redesigned the navigation of our exercise library. H'ability 2.0 offers a simplified exercise search experience, thanks to intelligent new filters that allow you to target therapeutic fields and objectives. You can now quickly find the exercises best suited to your patients' specific needs, thanks to a difficulty classification system that informs you of the minimum level ofmotor and cognitive skills required. What's more, each exercise is accompanied by precise details of the movements involved and the rehabilitation objectives targeted. This new library makes it easier to plan personalized sessions and optimize results.

Integrated fact sheets to personalize sessions

Just a click away in our library, you'll find our " Information Sheets " so you can have all the essential information at hand andadapt your sessions to your patients. For each exercise, this resource details the key parameters and their influence on difficulty, giving you a better understanding of possible levels of progression. But that's not all! This sheet is also packed with ideas for additional instructions : work in unipodal, on an unstable plane, with a support or using weights- let your creativity and experience shine through for varied, evolving sessions !

Precise data for advanced monitoring

One of the major advances of H'ability 2.0 is the integration of data tracking and detailed statistics. Take advantage of a more in-depth view of your patients' progress, thanks to pain assessment, upper limb and cervical amplitude measurements, reaction time and endurance. This information not only gives you feedback for each patient at the end of each session, but also enables you to observe their evolution over time. Thanks to clear graphs and reports, you can visualize progress, adjust rehabilitation protocols in real time and maximize session efficiency.

Would you like to find out more? Join us for a personalized demonstration of how virtual reality can help you in your day-to-day practice.

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