We help you diversify your care offering by :

Patient using VR movements for therapeutic purposes

Virtual reality that comes to the patient

Thanks to the ultra-portability of our solution, which requires neither a fixed installation nor a dedicated room, it can be used wherever you are and according to your needs. It can be used in a practice, a structure (technical platform, in a room) or at the patient's home with the help of a professional. 

Occupational therapist on a technical platform helping her patient to perform movements with the virtual reality headset for physiotherapy.

In the office

Elderly person using a virtual reality headset for physiotherapy in the SSR room

In an institution

Physiotherapist who accompanies his patient at home

Accompaniment at home

Benefits for you and your patients

📝 Personalize your sessions for a targeted and adapted work

Benefit from a freedom of settings that allow you to adapt the exercise to the patient's abilities and objectives.

💪 F ight kinesiophobia

Increase your patients' engagement in exercises with virtual reality. Immerse them in immersive environments to overcome fear of movement and alleviate painful sensations.

✨ Value & optimize your care and support

Our solution is quickly installed and allows the patient to work more or less autonomously for a plurality of care.

🙌 Enrich your offer of care

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation offers an innovative, effective and complementary therapeutic approach to your usual sessions.

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Want to find out more about our system?

Our experts will come to your establishment or practice to give you a free demonstration. You, your team or your patients will be able to test the device in a real situation!