We energize your rehabilitation journey!

H'ability is an innovative virtual reality solution for physical therapy

Your health, our priority!

😎 Take charge of your rehabilitation

In a simple way, virtual reality immerses you in immersive and interactive universes. You are at the heart of the exercises as the main actor.

💪 Gain motivation

The fun aspect of our exercises helps to keep you motivated throughout your rehabilitation program. This is essential to help you recover as quickly as possible.

⬇️ Reduce pain

The complete immersion of virtual reality coupled with the entertaining environment offered by our exercises reduces pain. As a result, you will go further in your movements and progress in your rehabilitation.

 🕺 Improving while having fun

Rehabilitation becomes a new playground: be a goalkeeper, control a rocket or go to the supermarket... For all tastes and ages, our gamified therapy is designed to be entertaining.

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You want to benefit from virtual reality in your rehabilitation?

Talk to your health professional (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, PRM doctor...) who follows you in the center or in the office. Contact us to receive a brochure by e-mail containing all the information you need to communicate to him/her. We are also at your disposal to check if H'ability corresponds to your rehabilitation needs.

You have questions ❓

We have answers!

Currently, our solution is available in the centers, SSR services and therapists' offices in France. If you wish to benefit from it, do not hesitate to contact us or talk to your referral health professional.

No, H'ability is not yet available for independent home use today. However, we are working with some home services and mobile teams attached to a structure.

Yes, with a professional caregiver, it is possible to benefit from H'ability in your home. It is your caregiver (or the structure to which he/she is attached) who will have to equip himself/herself with the solution and bring it to your home during the care sessions.

Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, the H'ability team will be happy to answer them