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Our Technology

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Computer screen showing the H'ability universe platform

An intuitive and connected steering platform 

  • Web platform accessible on all media (computers, tablets, smartphones...)
  • Set up a personalized session in less than 3 minutes
  • Library of universes adapted to the patient's needs and objectives
  • Independent patient or accompanied by the health professional
  • Scoring follow-up, analysis and feedback

An  autonomous and powerful professional helmet

We work with the latest professional headsets with the best technical features.

  • Stand-alone headset that doesn't need a fixed computer or cable to work
  • Ultraportable and usable everywhere, whatever the available space: cabinets, technical trays, rooms...
  • Lightweight helmet (750 grams) and well balanced on the head
  • Comfortable and easily adjustable helmet, accessible to a wide range of patients
  • Interchangeable battery for longer use
  • Quick cleaning thanks to removable magnetic covers (in contact with the eyes and at the back of the head)
Patient demonstrating with H'ability's Tam Tam universe

All this, with your hands, and above all without controllers!

  • Interaction with virtual worlds without any sensors or controllers to install, for greater accessibility
  • Visualization of virtual hands that reproduce in real time the movements made by the patient
  • Allows a better adherence of the solution to the elderly, without gripping movement...
  • Makes motion stimulation more natural
  • Hand-tracking technology directly integrated into the headsets we work with
  • Possibility of adding joysticks to work more on grip with haptic feedback and more precise results